I do have a big ol’ post about all the brilliant folk music around at the moment, but as a stop-gap (and mainly because I’m quite lazy), this is a post about my favourite song from the new album from Antipo-folky siblings, Angus and Julia Stone, Down The Way. The album actually abandons a lot of the folk from the first album, but nearly halfway through there comes “Santa Monica Dream”.

An acoustic number with just two guitars and both the Stones’ brilliant voices as instrumentation, it manages to come across as both optimistic and unbearably sad. Full of nostalgic references and lost dreams, it could come across as superficial but the power of Julia’s quavering vocals and Angus’ almost-whispers do a fine job of making it seem incredibly personal. I’m sure eventually this will be ruined by being crowbarred into some American teen drama, but whilst it’s still fresh let’s all enjoy it for what it is – beautiful music.

My review of the whole album will be appearing on the brilliant For Folk’s Sake, who I’ve just started writing for, in the next few days – keep a weather eye out!

Angus and Julia Stone – Santa Monica Dream (YSI)