There are always bands you know you should have heard, but you just haven’t. And that irritates me, because more often than not when you eventually hear that band it becomes abundantly clear why you should have been listening to them all along. This very situation has occurred to me with Orange Juice. I’ve heard their name bandied about so often that it just became one of those  recognisable references, but never one I bothered to check out. Well consider me educated, because they’re bloody excellent, and I will be checking them out with haste (luckily Domino have apparently just got the rights to their back catalogue which means reissues are forthcoming).

What amazed me is just how much you can see that those references are really accurate. Too often you get bands referred to as ‘The new [someone]’ and it’s just too loose a description to have any real meaning. However, in this case you can really hear where newer bands have taken reference points. The jangly guitars are very similar in tone to those Good Shoes use, and the fey vocals are a dead ringer for Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts at times. So check out Orange Juice and make a quick comparison with the other two tracks, and tell me if I ain’t right.

Orange Juice – Blue Boy (YSI)
Good Shoes – We Are Not The Same (Single Version) (YSI)
Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues (YSI)