I’ve been rather lax on this particular post for a while, so here’s a well-overdue new post about my favourite band from Tunbridge Wells, Tom Williams and the Boat. As you can see above, Tom and co. have re-recorded an old song of theirs, ‘Concentrate’ for a single release on the 8th of March. It’s always been one of their most driving and forceful tracks, and the re-record has leant it an even more rocky air, toning down the folkier elements and bringing the focus onto the electric guitars and reflective lyrics. This is as emotive as we’ve seen Tom before, and it’s a good style for him; his impassioned shouts at the end suit the track down to the ground, and I’d certainly like to hear more of Tom’s angrier side in the future. Take a listen to the track below, and if you like it I urge to buy it – this is a band who deserve to break out of the local scene and onto a bigger stage, and soon at that.

Tom Williams and the Boat – Train Station Car Park (YSI)