In case you’re not from around these parts, you might not know that the UK is really rather snowy at the moment. Apart from being really bloody fun (Heaton Park in Newcastle is just brilliant to sledge in), it does mean walking has become somewhat more necessary recently. In an unrelated incident, a friend and I were arguing the merits of the two Arcade Fire albums. I’m of the opinion that Neon Bible is better because it’s just grandiose and explosive and brilliant throughout. He’s of the opinion that Funeral is better… just because. Whilst I think it’s a bloody good album, it just never got to me in quite the same way as their sophomore effort did, but trudging through the snow today, Funeral found its niche for me. The whole goddamn album is just made for walking through a quiet expanse of whiteness – it’s perfectly pitched between its more restrained moments of plaintive beauty and those times when the whole band just seems to want to scream at you whether for good or for ill, and when you’re enjoying a walk there’s nothing quite like an album that can fluctuate like this one does. So there you are, snow’s not just good for bringing an entire country’s transport infrastructure to a standstill, it helps lil ol’ me get a sense of what an album’s trying to do. Ho-hum.

Arcade Fire – Haiti (YSI)