It’s amazing just how much you can miss in a year. I try to keep up with musical happenings, I generally know what’s meant to be good and what’s not and yet I’ve still only heard some of the best albums of the year in the last month. The inevitable list post is coming in due course, but for now I just feel like talking about missing music. As a blogger, you’re daily sent updates from all sorts of people asking you to listen to music, or to write about bands’ tours or whatever else. As a music fan, you’re bombarded with news and reviews from blogs, magazines, webzines, friends and the radio. It just seems as though with this tumult of information flying around me, I’ve taken far more of a lazy/relaxed position towards getting what’s supposed to be good simply because I can’t decide. You could say that things like and Spotify should help me in that case, but I really find that quite difficult. Having free access to whole albums, no matter how useful it is, just feels a bit wrong to me. Part of my childish pleasure at getting albums is literally unwrapping them and listening to everything for the first time. That feeling’s gone a bit now, because I’ve usually been allowed to listen to whatever I want before I’ve even bought it. Willpower is not a virtue of mine. A few years ago, I would have bought an album I was told was amazing as soon as I saw it in a shop. Now I add it to a list.

The real question is whether this matters. As a blogger and someone who writes about music for a webzine and a newspaper I suppose I have some sort of obligation to keep track of what’s worthwhile listening, but surely as soon as music becomes an obligation it’s not as much fun anymore? How do you guys approach your musical lives, comment me up and let me know.

The White Stripes – I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (YSI)

PS. That photo is definitely not of me.