You wait an age for singles from your favourite bands, and two come along at once and with videos to boot. Both Vampire Weekend and Good Shoes have revealed their first singles from their sophomore albums, Contra and No Hope, No Future respectively, and both have had me jigging with joy for days now.

Vampire Weekend’s ‘Cousins’ is sprightly beast, packed full of yelps, skittering drums and dancing guitar lines and seems a – well – cousin of the ‘Weekend’s other speedy, indie-punk jaunt, ‘A-Punk’. The video’s bloody good too, directed by the brilliant Garth Jennings (who directed ‘A-Punk’ as well), with a wondrous section involving masks towards the end:

‘Under Control’, the first single, and second released song from Good Shoes’ new album is a darker affair than their usual fare, with a pulsing bassline and Rhys’ insistent, inimitable voice pushing the whole thing along at a brisk pace. Now I’m not going say it’s worse, but this video is frankly a little terrifying for some reason, so it’s not quite as smile-infused romp as the last one. Ah well, enjoy everyone!

Vampire Weekend – Cousins (YSI)
Good Shoes – Under Control (YSI)