Poor old Pull Tiger Tail. Formed in 2006, hyped by NME and many others, released some brilliant singles, recorded an album, got dropped by their label (B-Unique) for inscrutable financial reasons and were legally not allowed to release said album by said label. It’s a story to chill the bones of any aspiring indie musician. But now, two years later, after much fighting by the band and a lengthy campaign by their dedicated fans, Paws. has finally been released. It’s an act of catharsis by the band – they’ve played their final gig and the release of the album is just a way of getting their hard work out there as they call it a day.

But the really sad thing is that it’s a very good album. The sound is a little dated, given that it was mostly written during the indie boom that spawned The Maccabees and Klaxons, but it’s packed full of insanely catchy songs – debut single ‘Animator’ is as joyously engaging as it ever was, ‘Let’s Lightning’ is a perfect indie-pop anthem and ‘Loki’s dark musings on the fickle nature of the music industry sound eerily prophetic with the benefit of hindsight. Marcus’ vocals are consistently interesting, with yelping fervour and menacing tones both coming through, whilst the newer versions of their older singles are far louder and more active than the originals, with added synths and more complex arrangements.

The album is tinged with a sort of potential nostalgia, you can hear how the band had got better from their first singles until the album, and who knows where they could have gone from there? Of course, nothing more may have come of it, but with a prospect this good never reaching past its first album, you never know if the opposite would be true. But whilst the music is as brilliant as it ever was, Paws.’ real triumph is that it was released by three guys who were just proud of what they’d made and fought and won to let people hear it. It’s their tenacity that makes me happiest to have bought the album, they deserve the money for their work, and every fan they’ve had should give them what they deserve, they’ve been through more than most to release what they created, and deserve every penny we can give for that.

The album is only available on CD and Vinyl from their website (www.pulltigertail.net) but the MP3 Download is on Amazon and iTunes amongst others.

Pull Tiger Tail – Loki (YSI)