As much as I love quiet, assured, beautiful music, there’s nothing quite like hearing something loud that just arrests your ears from the moment you hear it. So imagine my surprise when I got a bit of both, courtesy of Bath’s Kill It Kid and their song “Burst Its Banks”. There’s not really a clear way of explaining the sound they create here, but in a completely non-literal way, it sounds as if they’ve taken a heavy metal ethos and applied it to folk music. The song jumps between sheer balls-out riffing, to noisy, Mumford and Sons-esque folk portions to far quieter, more melodic portions (and everywhere in between). It’s an exhilerating journey and Chris Turpin’s incredibly odd, deep vocals (think an angry Antony Hegarty) add another layer of brilliance to the mix. Judging on this song, their debut album Kill It Kid sounds like a very appealing prospect, and I’m looking out for any live dates in Newcastle with baited breath.

Kill It Kid – Burst Its Banks (YSI)