I’ve been positively inundated with new Radiohead related material recently, and with a new Thom Yorke single out so soon after the new Radiohead songs, it’s just getting better and better! The Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses / The Hollow Earth 12″ was released on the 21st, and the songs will be available for download on w.a.s.t.e. from 6th October.

“Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” was originally titled “Reckoner” but a coda to the song became the In Rainbows version of “Reckoner” that we know, and I dare say love. This version was played along with Jonny Greenwood, and alternates between echoing, distant drum samples alongside Thom’s swirling treated falsetto and sparse bass rhythms. There’s a very sinister vibe to this track – it’s a long one at 6:41 and it feels like it’s taking its time to get where it wants to go, throwing in odd moments like short pitch-altered samples of speaking that eventually meld and incorporate themselves with the percussion. It then segues into a mass of synth noise, growing in volume before fading again just before you think it might just start leaking out of your speakers.

“The Hollow Earth” is said to have come out of The Eraser sessions, and that seems feasible given its skittering drum beats and the more central role for Thom’s vocals. With looped “oo”s combing with incomprehensible, mashed up samples of Thom’s voice acting as instrumentation in between verses, this is another song to show Mr. Yorke’s brilliant idiosyncracies in all their glorious weirdness – the song sounds like it’s leading us somewhere, until we get to the end where the messed-with high hats and synth drums finally skitter their last and it all ends more suddenly than you’d expect.

So, he’s done it again, and with more solo material supposedly in the pipeline, it’ll be wonderful to see what direction Thom wants to take us next time.

Thom Yorke – Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (YSI)