It would appear my tardiness knows no bounds. 10 days? I suck, I know, but if you’ll forgive me, I have something important to say. Mumford & Sons’ album, Sigh No More, whilst very, very good, doesn’t quite match up to xx. However, it is unfair to compare the two because they’re  completely different styles of music so I’ll be focusing just on this album for now. There’s always end of year lists to unfairly compare bands anyway!

Mumford & Sons have always been about grand buildups, uplifting harmonies, Marcus’ imimitable, keening vocals and the sheer joy of hearing folk music taken to a completely different place to its usual quiet, reserved self. The album delivers on every front. Drawing from all three EPs they’ve released previously and adding new tracks to the mix, there are parts of this album that feel like old friends by now, anthems (at least in my head) that I’ve learned and loved since I first heard them, whilst the new friends will soon be just the same I’m sure. It’s a perfect mix, not making you feel as though the band have turned their back on their older tracks, whilst showing that they aren’t merely one-trick ponies. Stylistically as well, there’s a nice flow to the album, moving from the sheer gloriously explosions of “The Cave” tempered with more sombre tracks like “I Gave You All”. This is clearly an album that has been thought through and designed with the listener’s experience in mind. The band aren’t afraid to show they can go in different directions either, with “Dust Bowl Dance” wholeheartedly embracing the sheer noise of the electric guitars they introduce, whilst “Thistle & Weeds” almost sounds like a piano-driven Muse track at points.

Overall, this is another assured, and more importantly, fantastic debut album from a band I hope will be around for a very long time. Mumford & Sons have showed that there is a whole other world of folk music to be explored, and with their album, they’ve crystallised their mission statement perfectly, here’s another album you just can’t afford to miss.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get clearance to post any of the album tracks, so here’s a fantastic session of the title track and album opener, “Sigh No More”

Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More (BBC Session) (YSI)