Some people are just lucky. Michael Lerner, aka Telekinesis, is one of those people. Playing all of the instruments on his debut album, Telekinesis!, Mr. Lerner has crafted an album of such sublime, sunshiney pop-rock that it’s difficult not to smile throughout. It’s an album all about love and location – we find ourselves taken time and again to foreign climes in songs like “Foreign Room” and “Tokyo”, whilst “Awkward Kisser” and “All of a Sudden” take us through heartache and the initial pangs of love. And whilst the words tell us the stories, the effusive, upbeat rock that carries the whole album along makes us feel what Lerner’s trying to say to us. “Coast of Carolina” is power-chord heavy, with honey-dipped vocals, whilst “Rust” is carried by vocals and acoustic guitar until the final stages of the song, bringing across the vulnerability of the lyrics. This really is a beautiful selection of songs, and a wonderfully crafted album, taking us across highs and lows effortlessly, let’s hope there’s more to come from Mr. Lerner soon.

Coast of Carolina – Coast of Carolina (YSI)