God, I’m bloody rubbish at keeping this up regularly aren’t I? Please, allow me to make it up to you with a slice of super-cool rock ‘n’ roll, Brooklyn style (although what in music isn’t Brooklyn style nowadays?) courtesy of the Kilfoyle brothers, aka Calypso. In ‘Casually Sad Mercedes’, all the usual guitar tones, diasaffected drawls and infectious bass are present, but twisted into a kind of early Kings of Leon chunky, chugging chords mould. There’s nothing new about all of this, but there is a feeling of disinterested cool that permeates the whole thing, maybe it’s the fact the song sounds like it’s being played slightly too slow, or that it might all just explode any moment but never does, but it’s brilliant whatever it is. Not only that, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard two people drawl in harmony before, and that’s pretty excellent too.

Calypso – Casually Sad Mercedes (YSI)

Part of the reason I haven’t updated this for a bit is also that I’ve just started writing at UK indie site, This Is Fake DIY again, and so I’ve taken up a bit of time with that. Luckily, it does mean that good stuff I get through them can go up here, and Black Lips’ new single, ‘Drugs’  is just one of those things. You can read my review here, but basically it’s a yelpy, drugged up 60s surf song that exudes nothing but happiness, and would be perfect party music if the recording quality didn’t make it sound like your stereo had broken.

Black Lips – Drugs (YSI)

And, just because it’s brilliant and it came on whilst I wrote this, here’s an extra little ditty:

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken (YSI)

Now don’t say I’m not good to you. ‘Til next time peeps!