Remembering those hazy days of the revival of British indie, I remember being excited by almost every band that did something even a little different to everyone else. But after that initial flush of ridiculous over-excitement, I narrowed my interest to three bands, an indie triumverate if you will. The Maccabees have of course gone on to release two excellent albums, Pull Tiger Tail have been through some shitty label-based troubles, but are finally releasing their debut album, and Good Shoes released a brilliant first album, Think Before You Speak, before, well, disappearing.

In the intervening time, it seems like Good Shoes have not rested on their laurels though. After the departure of their bassist, Good Shoes have been working hard on new material and have got a national tour lined up (including playing at evil corporate club, Digital in Newcastle which I’ll have to endure to see the band). And so, finally, they’ve released a free download for us all to sample entitled “The Way My Heartbeats”. It’s a frenetic affair, sounding like a song from the first album but played at double speed, whilst Rhys Jones’ strange, moaning vocals shout their way all over the whole thing. There are some drops in pace scattered around, and even a synthy middle eight, but it always returns to that breakneck-speed verse. And what’s more, it’s bloody brilliant. It retains everything I liked about the band – Rhys’ vocals, the jangly guitars, lovelorn lyrics, it’s all there but with a sprinkle of something slightly different just to get you excited for the rest of the new material. Welcome back Good Shoes, you were sorely missed.

Good Shoes – The Way My Heartbeats (YSI)