Well today I have a whole three things to talk about regarding Radiohead, lucky you! I’ll start with the most important first:

It seems in this world of instant news we live in nowadays, any throwaway comment can become a media furore instantly. So when Thom Yorke said “We can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us” about the possibility of a new album, the whole internet music community went a little doolally. Of course, this isn’t a particularly good sign for us RAdiohead freaks who can’t possibly imagine a world without the hope of a new album around the corner, but no interview is one line long, and this one was no exception. For a start, Thom is also quoted as saying, “None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off.” That seems something of an indication that this mindset is only a current one doesn’t it? And even if he did mean that Radiohead wouldn’t want to make another whole album, he also indicated that EPs were a direction being thought of. It’s not as though Radiohead are a band famed for their singular approach to music, and with the amount of ideas that they seem to have, both musical and otherwise, EPs could serve as a perfect outlet for the band to create shorter bursts of idea-centric music (not to mention there would probably be more frequent releases, something I would defin itely not be averse to). And even if neither of these things happen, there’s always the fact that anyone can change their mind, it’s not as though Thom Yorke’s word is gospel. Although it should be. So anyway, let’s all stop worrying and let the best band in the world* get on with what they want to do, shall we?

Right, now that that’s finished we can talk about “These Are My Twisted Words”. Having mysteriously ‘leaked’ earlier in the week, a fair bit’s been said about what’s happened here, and what the .nfo file that csme with the original download meant. If you haven’t heard about it, there was a cryptic message included with the file, as well as a date which some people have speculated is a release date for new Radiohead news/material (the date being 17th August, two days time!). Now if this is an official Radiohead ploy, some underground, viral marketing, or a test to see how quickly the internet will react to new Radiohead material, then it’s been pretty successful, and if it isn’t then who knows where this material’s come from (what I don’t want to believe is that this is Thom’s supposed contribution to the new Twilight film. Urgh). But amongst all this, what hasn’t been talked as much is what the bloody song is like. Well, allow me to address that issue. For a start, this is classic Radiohead – dark, introspective and wonderful. We start with simply downward spiralling guitars and a cymbal driven drumbeat, constantly shifting but retaining its form, and just as we think it’ll be an instrumental track, Thom pipes up and warbles his way beautifully over the rest of the track. It’s all rather understated, but somehow menacing with the constant use of the guitars overlapping and joining in with one another and despite it being over five minutes long, it’s gone in a flash, with the end appearing so abruptly you’re likely to miss it. This doesn’t seem an indication of any new direction, but it certainly shows that the bad are still honing their craft, and doing bloody well at it too.

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words (YSI)

Oh and my third point is just a bit of admin really. I’m trying to get hold of a Sunday Reading ticket to see Radiohead, so if you could all stop bidding on them, that’d be just dandy. Cheers!