“Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims” – Harry Patch

Sorry for yet another prolonged absence folks, I’m currently holed up in rural Turkey avec famille and with a download/upload limit firmly in place, little in the way of free mp3s can be dealt with. However, I’ve found a worthy subject to post about, free of any need for you to get your download from me. Just prepare yourself for some of my usual Radiohead fanboyishness.

Following the death of Britain’s last surviving World War I veteran, Harry Patch, Radiohead have released a song in his memory – “Harry Patch (In Memory Of). Penned by Thom Yorke after hearing a Radio 4 interview with the Passchendaele survivor, the band recorded it in the last few months and have released it today. Available to buy for £1, with proceeds going to the Royal British Legion, the song itself is a minimalist affair, all lush strings and Thom’s prominent, keening vocals. It’s well worth the download price (what Radiohead track isn’t?) and the money goes to a worthy cause, so get yourself over to the W.A.S.T.E. download site and get a hold of it.