I think one thing I love about music is no matter how much you know about, no matter how many bands you treasure, there’s always one more to find out about, to explore and to fall in love with like all the others. Moving to uni has been eye opening in that department, and with a whole new group of friends, there’s a whole new wealth of music that I’ve missed out on to find out about. The most recent discovery has always been in my radar, and right under my nose, but I’ve just been too lazy to ever get round to putting some effort in and listening. That discovery is The Flaming Lips.

My friend George said the best way to get into them is by working backwards through their albums, so I got my grubby mits on a copy of At War With The Mystics and started my journey. I can’t say I’ve been quite so happy and upset at the same time – happy that it’s absolutely brilliant, and upset that I’ve wasted so much time not listening to them. The singles, “The YeahYeahYeah Song”, “It Overtakes Me” and “The W.A.N.D.”, I already knew, but the rest of the album is just as good. From the soothing tones and gentle buildup of “My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion” to the lilting indie-inflected strums of the well punctuated “Mr. Ambulance Driver”, every song has something a little different from the last, but it makes for a bafflingly diverse and at times exquisitely beautiful album. Don’t make my mistake, go and get it now!

The Flaming Lips – My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (YSI)