There comes a time every few years where we must brace ourselves for something important, something we’ll want to give some thought, some time and some attention to. That thing is new Muse material. I’ve bored many of my friends by saying Muse are the only truly credible alternative band since Radiohead who have managed to transcend rockstar status into territory reserved for very few other bands. I can see no other outcome for them other than immortality alongside The Stones, Led Zep’ and those few others who manage to cross fan boundaries and make everyone love them whilst retaining every ounce of what made them special and different in the first place.

And so that time has come around again, and with the imminent release of The Resistance, Muse have whet our appetite just a little more with “United States of Eurasia”. Imagine Queen had been raised on stereotypical Middle-Eastern music, that’s basically what this sounds like, it’s that strange and wonderful. Moving effortlessly from hushed, almost poppy piano and string chords into Queen harmonies, through the sounds of certain parts of Aladdin and into “Bohemian Rhapsody” harmonied yelps and finally into a Chopin piano piece, this doesn’t so much give us a sense of direction for the new album rather than open up several more options than we originally thought. But guess what? It’s excellent, as always, and that’s why Muse are on their way to the top.

Muse – United States of Eurasia (YSI)