Do you remember January? It was that time a while ago where everyone got excited about every single song they heard that was even mildly good, and wild predictions were made immediately about who was going to be the artist of the year. But whilst all of this went on, Max Tannone quietly released an album called Jaydiohead, which I absolutely bloody loved. 10 tracks of Jay Z and Radiohead that constantly impress me with their inventiveness, it was just a perfect example of why mash-ups are a viable musical form these days.

Well now comes, quite literally, “The Encore”, a further five tracks from Mr. Tannone that achieves quite the same feat. It’s not quite as perfectly formed as its predecessor, but every song does, again, exactly what I liked about the first release – the way the songs go beyond simply putting two tracks together and in fact interweave them and use the layers to work in tandem and create a new sound. Again, it’s a very generous free release and you can get it direct from here, thanks Max!

Jaydiohead – December Backdrifts (YSI)