It always happens in the summer. A song hits your ear, tunnels into your brain and refuses to leave until the sunshine goes away. Last year, almost as soon as I started this blog, I heard This Is Ivy League’s, “The Richest Kids”, and I think it’s just happened again, coming courtesy of Florida’s The Drums and their song, “Let’s Go Surfing”.

The Drums don’t so much wear their influences on their collective sleeves so much as run up to you, tape a list of bands to your face and force you to read them. They really fall into two camps, ’50s surf music (major chord whistles, tinny guitar strums, lyrics about, urm, surfing) and, basically, Joy Division (echoey, hollow production, driving bass melodies).

Whilst it seems an odd combination, the ensuing songs really sweep you off your feet in a tumult of joy. It’s just one of those things you can’t really control and, frankly, would never want to control. Everyone needs a summer song, and I strongly recommend this be yours too.

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing (YSI)

PS. I’m positively indebted to Come Pick Me Up for helping me find my summer selection.

PPS. I’m on the front page of the most popular songs on The Hype Machine (link on the right) right now! Thanks everyone!