I am, essentially, a massive geek. In my younger years I liked to indulge in Warhammer 40,00, I’m a music geek, I like comic books, I’m studying Science Fiction as part of my English degree next year. But my major standout geekiness is my penchant for video games. I bloody love gaming, I’ll play online shooters, sports games, RPGs, all of it. And one brilliant knock-on-effect of this is the music side of it all. Sports games particularly always try to invest in a good soundtrack, and my recent purchase of the first skate. game (incidentally, an amazing game if you’re at all interested) has proved this spectacularly.

With a soundtrack including Black Flag, Booker T, N.W.A, Bowie and The White Stripes they really have outdone themselves. But my favourite track has been one I’d never heard before, Band of Horses “The Funeral”. All plaintive guitar picking and hushed, falsetto vocals it takes a minute before it blows up into a reverb drenched epic beauty of a track. Next time you’re playing a game, listen closely, you never know what you’ll find to love.

Band of Horses – The Funeral (YSI)