Future of the Left are, quite frankly, incredible. Constantly making musical and lyrical left turns, they don’t pander to any kind of convention, they make their listeners go on the journey with them, surprising them at every turn.  Andy Falkous’ screamed vocals are wonderfully unhinged, he sounds like he might either break down or just leap out of your speakers and attack you at any moment. What’s even better is just how, well, lovely they seem to be on stage, like music is just their way of venting anger. Curses is one of my favourite albums of the last few years, “The House That Hope Built” got my mouth watering for their next outing, and after hearing “Arming Eritrea” from that second album, Travels With Myself And Another, I’m positively vibrating with anticipation.

Beginning with the heavy guitar ‘n’ bass stabs over metronomic drumbeats that we became so familiar with on the last album, it’s all so-far-so-good. But as the stabs get faster, and Andy’s vocals get more frenzied, we’re treated to a burst of far more expansive, high-register melodic guitar, so loud it threatens to drown out the vocals, before abruptly switching back. It’s just what I for one was hoping for, the sheer fury and vitriol of the band is still there in abundance, but this is one group of lads who refuse to stick with one style for too long. It’s safe to say, there’s only one thing we can truly be certain of with this new album – it’s going to be good.

Future Of The Left – Arming Eritrea (YSI)

PS. Thanks, and much love, go to Sweeping The Nation for helping me find this