I really can’t seem to stop blogging about these guys, and I’m sorry for that, but I really can’t overstate how much I think this band are going to mean this year. Hockey are just getting bigger and bigger, with track of the week’s all over the place, a remastered debut album coming in either June/July/August (depending on where you look) and their first appearance on TV, courtesy of Jools Holland.

If you’re in the UK, here’s the link to their performance on iPlayer but fear not international readers, I have a new mp3 too! “Work” is a slower paced effort from the Portland boys, with an almost reggae-style synth backing at times, ever-more soulful vocals from Ben Grubin and even an improvised keyboard solo that sounds like a ’50s Sci-Fi film as an outro. It’s basically, again, completely different to what I’ve heard before, but, again, absolutely brilliant.

If all goes well, I’ll have a review copy of the album coming through soon, and rest assured that’ll be reviewed and put up here very quickly. *tries to contain childish excitement*

Hockey – Work (YSI)

PS. Mediafire’s down, so it’s YouSendIt only at the moment, sorry!