Apparently ranting against how fucking ridiculous this whole DMCA takedown business is gets your posts… well, taken down. Brilliant. It comes on a day already marred by a ridiculous decision in the same vein (although far more high profile of course) – the jailing of the guys behind Pirate Bay. Now I don’t agree with torrenting in all its forms, but used to sample music, it is a brilliant way to decide whether to spend your money or not. If I torrent an album, and I decide I like it, I make a point of going out and buying it, and this is a method that’s been very useful to me, and ultimately made me buy more than I used to, as I know I like the album. Of course, Spotify has emerged now, but Pirate Bay is being punished for things that happened before there was any other real choice.

I may have to move to WordPress soon because frankly, everything I put up gets removed for no reason, despite my disclaimer, despite showing that I have no problem being asked to take down mp3s. Blogger is cow-towing to a group of over-powerful companies that are outdated and in serious threat of being overtaken by sympathetic, smaller labels that understand that free music is what the industry is moving towards. I can’t wait for it to happen.

Radiohead – Let Down (YSI)