Tom Williams & The Boat, that’s what.

A long while ago, browsing through one of my favourite blogs, Dirty Sexy Music, I found a little gem called “Wouldn’t Women Be Sweet”. After finding the London new folk scene with Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Noah and The Whale and the incredible, should be absolutely freakin’ huge, super-brilliant, Mumford & Sons (those superlatives are necessary, I promise), this lovely little ditty fitted right in.

The band are a Tunbridge Wells-based six-piece with a propensity for feel-good folk tracks, and even more propensity for posting all their tracks for free download on their website. The surreal lyrics of love gone wrong, the strains of the violin that sounds like a sea breeze (oo, get you and the pretentious imagery), the gently strummed guitar – it all makes for a song that perfectly complements the sunshine that’s hit Newcastle in the past few days, something to walk and smile to. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Their newer material is a little more band-oriented, and a little poppier and more electric, but no less worthy. But it’s one of those odd things, that no matter what they do from here on in, and no matter how mind-blowingly wonderful it might be, it will be this song that will always remain a favourite, one of those personal little tunes you’re always happy to listen to.

Thanks to ashleyRtanton for the photo 🙂

Tom Williams & The Boat – Wouldn’t Women Be Sweet