Recently, I’ve found it harder to find a song that I just want to listen to over and over again like I used to, not because of a lack of interest in music, but because I just want a change. So when a song comes along that really just begs to be listened to repeatedly for a day, there must be something excellent about it.

Fitting nicely into this mould is the debut single from Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club, “Something Good Can Work”. As the title suggests, this is a feel-good track, but this isn’t just a happy little number, this brims over with energy and pure boundless enthusiasm that it’s hard not to want to shout along to it from the first listen.

All airy overlapping guitars, and with a simple drum machine beat behind everything, it would lend itself well to any respectable dancefloor. But the chorus is the masterstroke, with the vocals almost too fast to be understood, but so endlessly uplifting that you don’t care that it all just makes you want to take off and fly. Alright, that last sentence was little sickly, but honestly, it’s bloody brilliant.

Oh, and a hundred thank you’s to The Recommender for, well… recommending it.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (YSI)