Ever since their first album, I’ve loved Maximo Park. They swept along with the rest of the indie invasion of post-Libs bands at the same time as Arctic Monkeys, The Rakes, Bloc Party et al, but somehow seemed to get swept under the radar initially. A Certain Trigger was simply brilliant, chock full of hooks and the always interesting lyrics of Mr. Paul Smith, whilst Our Earthly Pleasures was certainly more of a grower, but just as good throughout.

Hearing that a new song, “Wraithlike”, had been put up for free download, I jumped onto the website and gave it a listen. As it begins, it’s exactly what you expected, but still just as enthralling – Deep guitar and bass tones strum incessantly before skipping drums and Paul’s voice leap into the mix. Before long a siren-like synth tone builds from below, building and building, increasing expectation, but no chorus comes.

And that’s my main problem with the song, it seems like one long set of verses, like they haven’t quite finished a promising song. Here’s hoping the album lives up to what we all want from it…

Maximo Park – Wraithlike (YSI)
Maximo Park – Limassol (YSI)