I haven’t noticed a really great band from Newcastle in quite some time. Maximo Park are probably the last group from the cruel, biting cold of the North-East (*GENERALISATION*) to really make me prick up my ears. This is all a very obvious precursor to me talking about an awesome new Newcastle band, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Little Comets are a bristling bundle of joy who have just released their debut single, “One Night In October”. They sound like the English answer to Vampire Weekend, all “Graceland” guitars but set to a very English indie structure. The song itself, despite its name and release date, is a summer-filled burst of sunny guitar riffs and yelped vocals, easy to sing along to and even easier to dance to, and neither of which I’ve been able to stop doing since I first heard this. After an instore at HMV in Newcastle, they’re embarking on a nation-wide tour which I urge you to go see as I’ve heard they’re simply wonderful live. You can buy the single on iTunes right now (please do, they deserve it), and check out their Myspace for other songs and tour dates.

Little Comets – One Night In October