When I moved to Newcastle from the little village I lived in before I expected a new world of musical possibilities, gigs every night and a general involvement in something bigger than going out to a show once a month or less. Turns out I was just a little naive. Because it seems as though, despite the big Carling Academy and a few other great music venues, no bands seem to come here.

Future of the Left were due to play here last month, but cancelled, and then when I found out that Bear Hands and Hockey, two brilliant new American acts were going on a UK tour (with Passion Pit, who I like a lot less and so will spite by not mentioning them. Except for now.), I was disappointed (read: severely pissed off) to find out they weren’t coming anywhere near the North-East. What is it that makes Newcastle an undesirable city to come to? (No nasty jokes please)

Ah well, if you get the chance and they come near you, I urge you to go and see the two afore-mentioned bands, I’ve blogged about Bear Hands before, their post-punk buildups leading to huge choruses are just wonderful, and Hockey have been described as a synth version of The Strokes, something I totally agree with. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them. But I might have to hate you if you do see them.

Bear Hands – Bad Blood
Hockey – Too Fake