I bloody love mash ups. I think there’s a certain amount of artistry in finding that perfect combination of two songs that shouldn’t work together. From Shaggy and the Beatles to Motorhead and Gorillaz, I’ll always appreciate a good combination. Now, if you don’t know, I adore Radiohead. They’re my favourite band, and I love everything they’ve ever done. Hell, the sound of Jonny Greenwood licking his guitar whilst Thom wails in a corner would be received well by me.

So today I found out there’s an ENTIRE ALBUM of Radiohead mash ups with Jay Z. I think the group behind this are called Minty Fresh Beats (who I immediately love), and frankly it’s incredible. It’s all so perfect, and a whole album is just the greatest late Christmas gift I could’ve got. I’ll put up a couple of tracks here, but you can get the whole album from jaydiohead.com (and I’d suggest doing it quickly before legal proceedings ensue, a la The Grey Album). Go!

Jaydiohead – 99 Anthems
Jaydiohead – Dirt Off Your Android