A little while back, I had the distinct pleasure of receiving an email from a young man called Kieran, guitarist and vocalist for a band called Delorentos. Hailing from Dublin, their first album, In Love With Detail was a hit in Ireland in 2007 but didn’t really make it to our shores. That really is a shame because, from what I’ve heard, that album is full of high-octane indie punk goodness.

Their tunes have catchy pop-sensibilities but a definite indie credibility, giving them that perfect combination of the feel-good factor of a cracking tune with the feeling you’re not listening to any old tune, but something that really is musically excellent.

They should have some new work in the pipeline, so keep an ear out, and hopefully we’ll hear more of Delorentos in the coming year. For now, here’s one of the singles off of the first album, the fantastic “Basis of Everything”

Delorentos – Basis of Everything

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