Now I know there’s a massive, and now seemingly tradition hatred of the NME, but I will still pick it up and read it when the cover takes me. I know it’s sensationalist, mercurial and frankly just badly written at times, but they’ve been the New Musical Express for this many years for a reason. They can spot some good new music.

My newest finding through NME has been the fantastic Bear Hands. Hailing (somewhat unsurprisingly) from New York, they have a slow burning post-punk style that seems to always build to an intensely catchy, almost pop, chorus. Lead singer Dylan Rau has something of a more fashionable Nathan Willett style about him, which I’m pretty sure can only be a good thing. I’ve only got three songs, but I’m looking out for more (hint hint) and I’m convinced I’m going to like anything they produce, at least as long as it stays in the same vein.

So hooray for the NME, they do actually produce something worthwhile on occasions, and good for them too.

Bear Hands – Long Lean Queen

PS. Just because I think it’s bloody brilliant, here’s the amazing Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish (check out their BBC 6 Music show, podcasts on iTunes) making their own version of “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead

Adam and Joe – Shitter Crappier