When I first heard Jay Jay Pistolet, reviewing the other song from this single no less, I took an immediate dislike to him. His voice was the major factor, it sounds like he’s doing a bad impression of Truman Capote with a comedy giant lollypop in his mouth, and it certainly isn’t your usual dulcit folk lilt. On the more upbeat “We Are Free”, it just didn’t work for me, and I didn’t listen to him for a few months.

How wrong I was to do this. I read about “Holly” elsewhere (I forget exactly where I’m afraid) and decided, as I had it to hand, to pop the CD back into my trusty laptop. The quiet strums of guitar, the occasional plink of the high register of a piano and Jay’s vocals fit together perfectly. His lyrics tell the quietly heartbreaking story of the eponymous Holly, with some wonderful little uses of language (“And whilst I’ve always dreamt of making it in Hollywood/But I know if she’d a second chance then Holly could“) it’s all just an onslaught of distressing loveliness.

I can’t think of any more verbose way of summing up the song other than that I can assure you it’s beautiful. And that’s hopefully all that matters.

Jay Jay Pistolet – Holly