What could possibly be better than a song that makes you happy, embodies happiness just through its tune and is made by a band who used to have about 30 translations of their band name into different languages on their Myspace? Pull Tiger Tail have always been about rousing you, making you jump, making you smile, and when I first heard this song, it made me do just that. I couldn’t stop playing it, and I was glad of it. Who needs shuffle, when you’ve got just one thing you’d rather listen to than anything else at that time? Music for me is all about personal reaction to what you’re listening to. That might be an obvious statement, but too often it gets overlooked in the pursuit of somthing new, something to force yourself to connect to. Too often it’s me that does it.

The thing is, when you truly find that connection on the first few listens to a song, it can just bowl you over. When I first heard this, it came in waves. First the guitar riff, then the bass, then the drums and just as that’s grabbed you, the vocals emerge and throw you into a sunny paradise. Then the chorus bursts the song open, and as the singer Marcus’ breathless one-word delivery washes over you, well it’s something that I can’t help but sing along to. It’s just brilliance, nothing more, nothing less.
Pull Tiger Tail – Animator

PS. They also did a version of this song that’s exactly the same except all the lyrics were sung in French after using an online translator. Awesome.
PPS. They’ve recently been dropped by their label, have no rights to THEIR OWN ALBUM and may not be able to ever make music professionally again. How much does the music industry suck?