I don’t know about you guys, but music for the Apocalypse is something that’s constantly foremost in my thoughts. What with constant news warnings about climate change, nuclear proliferation and the rise in popularity of Philadelphia cream cheese (which is disgusting in case you don’t know), I’m constantly thinking of songs that could be used to play out the final moments of my life.

For instance, if I was at some kind of crazy end of the world party, I’d choose The Presets’ “My People” (Coincedentally, from their album “Apocalypso”). It could be the fact that it sounds like a flourescent marching song, it could be that the vocals are repeated in a deep, menacing tone, or it could just be the dark sense of foreboding that hangs over the whole thing, but this strikes me as a perfect way to end the world in style.
The Presets – My People [YSI]